Palouse Workshops

I offer individual and small group landscape photo workshops in the Palouse region of Washington state and Idaho.  I have been photographing this wonderful area for over a decade and have multiple years experience conducting both private and week long inclusive workshops.  Prime time to photograph the Palouse is from mid may through June.  This is when the fields and landscape are at the peak of the growing cycle and offer a rich variety of photo opportunity.

As the Palouse has increased in popularity, so has the number of  photo workshop offerings.  Most of these are conducted by individuals that live outside the area.   The Palouse region begins ten minutes south of my residence.  This gives me the opportunity to extensively explore, document, photograph and be immersed in all aspects of the area in all seasons.  This of course does not grant me a special aura :), however, I do believe it provides an extra level of exposure that directly benefits your workshop experience.

The in field tours begin at noon and continue through sunset, usually around 9:00pm.  A typical day involves first meeting in Colfax WA to discuss your desired approach and objectives.  From there we cover a multitude of locations and conclude with a strategic sunset location of your choice.  It is your time, the focus is on your priorities.

The cost is $350 for one participant.   Additional participants can be added for $100 per person.  Please contact me for scheduling, logistics, or any other questions you may have.

Regards, Michael Brandt

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