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Greetings - My name is Michael Brandt, I live in Spokane WA. We raised our family here and have called this great region of the country home for 30 years.

I have a lifelong involvement in photography starting with borrowing my Dad's Nikon film equipment in high school to more recently leading individual and group landscape workshops in the Palouse region of Washington state and Idaho. Though I have pursued several aspects of photography including portraits, education and commercial work, my primary focus and passion is Landscape Photography.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries you may have, or just to say hello.

Equipment  -  My digital era progression began with Nikon, upgrading and adding to the collection over the years. This included, D7100, D800 and D810 bodies with a full compliment of Nikon and Tamron lenses from very wide and fast to 650mm.

Recently, I sold all of that equipment and have transitioned to a Sony a7R IV mirrorless platform. My base landscape lens line up includes a Sony 16-35, Tamron 28-75 and a Sony 70-200.

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