My first exposure to photography occurred early in life.  I was living in Reno NV of grade school age.  During this time my dad had a business associate bring back a state of the art Nikon SLR from Hong Kong.  I recall that he was very proud of his “wide” angle 35mm lens and his “long” 105mm telephoto.  There were many days spent tagging along with my Dad in the Eastern Sierras chasing the changing leaves of autumn, stream side scenes and anything else worthy of capturing.  Though at that young age I did not have my own camera, I was allowed to experiment with my Dad’s equipment and recall the excitement seeing what the latest batch of slides from the processor had in store.

Sometime later, upon getting married and starting a career in Seattle WA, I found I had a little bit of free time and a little bit of disposable income.  With my new found resources, I jumped back into my lifelong interest in photography by purchasing a Pentax K1000 and a couple of alternative brand lenses, A mid zoom Tokina was my pride and joy.  This set up traveled with us to Europe, across the country and throughout the Pacific Northwest.  An ever busy career and the addition of children to the mix shifted priorities, thus my photography passion was placed on hiatus.  A number of years ago, I once again found myself blessed with the time and resource to get back into the pursuit of photography.  The timing couldn’t be better, an ideal marriage (for me anyway) of digital / processor intensive applications and computer hardware with ever increasing camera technology.  I haven’t looked back.  I love the dichotomy, in some ways, of the match of pristine nature, the outdoors and unplugged artistic elements of photography with the latest digital technology has to offer.

At present I am based in Spokane Washington. My primary focus is  landscapes of the Northwest United States with a specific niche in the Palouse region of Washginton State and North Idaho.   I also enjoy travel photo as well as working in studio with natural subjects. My goal is to pursue excellence in the art of photography and to build an ever expanding portfolio that showcases the beauty of our world.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the photos you see on this site or with any other questions or inquiries that you may have.

Michael Brandt

Present Equipment:   Nikon D810 and D800 Bodies; Nikon and Tamron Lenses;  Manfrotto Tripods and Ball Heads.